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Updated 12 October, 2003

US National Assessment of
the Potential Consequences
of Climate Variability and Change
Department of Energy
Parallel Climate Model (PCM)




Use of this subset of the PCM output is currently open to all scientists involved in activities under the U.S. National Assessment of climate change. Use of this PCM dataset is subject to the following guidelines and restrictions: 
  1. Users will not redistribute any items in the dataset to other parties without permission from the Dataset Manager.  The Dataset Manager is Gary Strand
  2. The dataset is considered to be a beta version and is subject to revision until publicly released. Individuals who complete this registration form will be notified of dataset revisions, extensions, and public release.
  3. To help identify dataset errors or inconsistencies, we request that users contact the Dataset Manager regarding problems with data files, data access, file format, etc.
  4. Users are requested to confer with the Dataset Manager to ensure that the intended application of the dataset is consistent with the generation and limitations of the data.
  5. Credit in publications resulting from the use of these data should be given by citation of appropriate PCM papers and by acknowledgement of PCM sponsors. 


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